working with buyers & suppliers to meet their business needs

why Us?


Real Life Experience

Remember that saying? "Been there done that?" well that applies to 

PVP-Solutions. Our team have been working in the buying and retail industry since 2003. We have worked with our suppliers, bought products from them, negotiated prices and done deals. We developed brands from scratch, identified customer profiles and serviced them. Our team has traveled all over the world from Dublin to Mongolia and literally everywhere in between. So when we say "Been there done that" we really mean it. 

Trusted Network

Trusted Network

We work with suppliers we trust! How many sourcing companies can say that? We don't source our suppliers via social networks or online. Our process is slightly different in that we have worked with our suppliers in the past. They have delivered products to us and we have developed excellent relationships with them. So you don't need to worry about the quality of the products or services they will deliver. 

Cost Savings Increased Profits

Cut Costs/Increase Profits

Every business is aware of their bottom line and there is no better way to cut costs than to review your buying and sourcing policies and ensure the deal you are getting is the best one available. 

A large part of what we do is cross costing between your current supply base and new suppliers and we can say with confidence that 9 times out 10 we can source your products at a better price and increase your profit margin.